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About Us

IPIE Learning Centre aims to bridge the learning gaps between home and school and supporting every child to achieve their full potential. We are a mobile team meeting you and your child where your are and support your child to achieve maximum progress. We are giving children the opportunity to succeed in school through a uniquely person centred programme.

Children are offered personal tutors, the school's target for the learners are shared with the parents so that the parents are fully aware of the progress the learner needs to make.We follow the interest of the learner, monitor their progress in school, set targets, work with them after school or on the weekend in order to close the learning gaps.


Our intervention seeks to improve the progress and achievement of children who are experience challenges while they are learning. We offer:

  • Personal tutor to close the learning gap

  • Mental health assessment and support

  • Early intervention and family support worker

  • Success facilitator to liaison with school and plan intervention (monitor progress)

  • Youth worker where needed




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