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The headings used herein shall be for the convenience only and shall not in themselves form part of the terms and conditions. The Customer(s) statutory rights are unaffected.


IPIE Learning Centre (IPIE) shall ensure that all its staff is competent, properly trained and have the safeguarding clearance to work with children and families.

IPIE shall provide flexible educational, social and emotional and mental health support young people (and their families, where needed) to enable the learner to succeed academically.

The Service shall be offered to learners who are assessed and deemed to need extra support to make academic progress. Learners will be assessed before intervention commence. The learners will work toward weekly targets to measure progress over a given period. Regular feedback will be given to the adult with responsibility for the learner (parent or school) who contract our service.


IPIE will prepare interventions that are appropriate to the needs of the learners.

On some occasions, parents/ teachers (adults who contract our service) may be requested to buy resources that are judged as necessary to enhance the young person learning needs (e.g. books or other learning equipment).


The Customer shall be responsible for preparing the areas for which the service is taking place (unless otherwise agreed). For example, a learning space – table, chair, and quiet space.


IPIE shall give regular feedback to the learner and adults who contract our service and learner will be asked to complete short practice sessions during the week; for maximum progress we recommend they complete the practice as recommended.


Whilst IPIE intends to work with every learner accepted on the intervention, IPIE will terminate the service immediately if the staff is threatened or placed at risk in any way. Staff will support vulnerable learners but will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or hitting, kicking or spitting on staff.




The Customer shall be ready to receive staff at the agreed time.


The Customer shall ensure that all furniture, furnishings, fixtures, and fittings are removed so that Platinum can carry out the Services. The only exception to this shall be where Platinum have prior agreement to do this as part of the Services.


If for some reason the customer is not available for the agreed session, we request a minimum of 24 hours notification; failure to notice IPIE the Customer will be charged for the full amount of one session. 



The charge made will be based on either:

  •  An hourly rate for the individual sessions

  • A fixed price for a package purchased for a group of children.


Professional development sessions can also be purchased for individual teachers or groups of teachers.

A fixed price shall be supplied in writing by IPIE or agreed on-site and written on the invoice and signed by the Customer.

The Customer is required to give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or amendment to IPIE Services. The cancellation period falls between the hours of 09:00hrs – 19:00hrs, Monday to Friday, and does not include Saturdays or Sundays or national holidays. If the same customer is booking two or more sessions during a week IPIE will offer a discount which will be agreed at the time of booking. IPIE reserves the right to be flexible with the discount offered. Charges may also apply where resources or other professional services have been sourced and ordered at the Customer’s request.



IPIE expects a minimum period of the intervention to be 6 weeks in order to demonstrate measurable progress. We recommend that customers book for 6 weeks blocks then evaluate progress. 




No Services shall be undertaken until the Customer (or the Customer’s authorised agent) has signed the authorisation or has undertaken to make a payment on completion of the Services.

Payment shall be due in full upon completion of the Services. The only exceptions are authorised account customers. For authorised account customers, if non-payment is received within the agreed terms of your account, IPIE reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 10% per calendar month on any amount outstanding in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations Act 2013.

Where, for whatever reason, the Customer is unable or unwilling to make a payment on completion of the Services, IPIE shall be entitled to charge for additional time and costs expended on the collection of money owing. This includes but not limited to, debt collection, solicitor’s fee, additional administration charges, etc.


Where packages are bought for groups of learners IPIE shall reserve the right for whatever reasons to require advance payments, stage payments or deposits from the Customer before or during the Services.


PIE shall reserve the right for whatever reason to refuse cheques unless supported by a valid and current cheque guarantee cards up to the value of the cheque and or to require the Customer to make payment by another method i.e. cash or bank transfer.


​Full payment from all Customer shall be due on the last day of the month in which the service is completed unless otherwise agreed expressly between IPIE and the Customer.




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